Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top 10 MOST annoying Pokemon moves

( 10 ) Baton Pass : Ugh! I hate this move!!! If I attack a Pokemon with a fire attack then the trainer pulls out a Piplup. Not only does the attack suck, it makes my Fire Pokemon super weak to the shity Piplup!          

( 9 ) Protect : The move isn't all that bad because only low level Pokemon are known to use this annoying move. The best is that it fails sometimes & your attack faints it! I never seen this move on a * professional trainer *

( 8 ) Substitute : Yikes! This move is a pain to deal with forcing you to hit nothing.

( 7 ) Confuse Ray : O god... This move takes the term "why you hitting yourself " to a whole new level!


( 6 ) Toxic / Poison Sting : OMG! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! To the Pokemon Center! When you 1st start your journey you will HAVE TO fight the Poison type Pokemon : WEEDLE! The real pain in the ass is that since your new & poor, your only way to heal your Pokemon is by running your ass off to the Pokemon center.


( 5 ) Perish Song : Yeah... The picture speaks for itself


( 4 ) Destiny Bond : O noez... Once your bonded with your fetus bother, its like " If I die, YOUR COMING DOWN WITH ME! ' Ahhhh!!!!


( 3 ) Curse : The only " ??? " Pokemon move in the game. This move is very annoying, no potions, berries, nor anything to heal the curse. ~_~


( 2 ) Selfdestruct : Forget what you knew about terrorists, selfdestructing Pokemon caused 9/11 They are the TRUE terrorists!

                                                            Let the raping being

( 1 ) Hypnosis : This is THE MOST ANNOYING Pokemon move by far! I hate when you fight a trainer and he pulls out a Hypno. The raping starts you get gang banged, beat up, and used! Oh god... Stay way from trolls that like to use Darkrai & then give you roofies. Darkrai trainers like steal your HP and heal them selfs with dream eater also they attack you with * Nightmare *